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What does chit Soft do?

It is very simple, One and only thing is it Make your time precious. It avoids manual errors. You can view the transactions on a daily basis and you can tally your receipts and payments by using chitsoft. By using report option you can generate the report On daily basis or even by customizing dates. It is used as an ERP accounting software to make your work simple and easy. A person with basic knowledge can able to access this software. We structured this software full and fully by customer requirements.

By using this software you need not to manage any documents or excel sheets. You can generate your reports in any formats. By updating software you can get to-date information. The only thing is to feed the details correctly.

In olden days, In chit companies they maintain records group wise. In one record group of members will be there and allot pages for all group members. In that page they will enter the receipts with date and if any carry forward means brought forward to next month. In that we can check the balance. But these all is a big process have to maintain properly. If any small error occurs manually means it cannot be retrieved and create a big issue.

To avoid the above problems we have introduced the chit fund software. It is fully done by Systematic wise, just entering the receipts and payments you can generate reports and after the auction entries the balance amount will be forwarded to all members according to the group. By using systematic wise, a person who has entered details will be displayed.

There are two types of chits as follows are Standard and dynamic chits. In Standard chits the due amount will be forwarded. In Dynamic according to the auction the dividend will be passed.

As a Conclusion,

Chit Fund software management system is used to make your daily routine work easy and you can generate reports instead of taking notes of receipts and payments in Notebooks. It saves time and can avoid maintaining manually.