CHIT SOFT : Chit Management Software

Chit soft is securing software data management system. It is user-friendly, A person with minimum system knowledge can be able to operate this software.

Secure Data Management

The Chit Fund Management Software ensures that the password, user control system and other sensitive functions are secured and safe.

User Friendly

No complex formalities involved. Easy to handle anyone with a minimum system knowledge.

Cost Effective

Reasonable charges only collected for this software. You can manage multiple branches per charge.

Access Anywhere

Chit fund software is a web application so the user can access their software anywhere in this world with easy reporting.


    Best features of chit fund software in chit soft is as follows

  We can maintain subscribers data and chit groups data.

  We can connect any type of collection machine from software.

  Customer app option can help to link customer mobile to our software.
      so customers can view their data from anywhere.

  Mobile app will be provided. we can link mobile number from software and
      can use software from mobile.

  Receipt and payment option are available. If we connect collection machine that       data can automatically move from machine to software. We can use manual       entry option also.

  Due updation and auction options are also available.

  We can easily maintain Agent and commission amount details in our software.

  We can also generate employee salary and reports from software and can       maintain that details.


Online Access

Customized web application for chit bussiness


Manage Members and Agents

Add Members and agent for your entire branch


Chit Member Enrollment

Create groups and entroll members for that groups


Chit Transaction Management

Manage All transactions via this software


Auction & Payment Management

Auctions for groups monthly basis with payment



Proper accounting statements for each ledgers with balance statement


Terminal Machine

Terminal machines for agent on spot billing with print recipt


SMS Integration

SMS intergeration also avalibale for after receipt payment



Search and download the report with any file formats like PDF,CSV