Dashboard :

Chit Fund software management system is used to make your daily routine work easy and you can generate reports instead of taking notes of receipts and payments in Notebooks. It saves time and can avoid maintaining manually.

 Master :

Ledger: In Ledger account, you can add, view and filter the customer details like name, qualification, location, mobile number etc.

App User: In this category, rights will be given to the person who are all using mobile app and will be identified by name and their Designation

App Customer: Here you can view the customer details with name and phone number.

Subscriber Enrollment: You can add the customer details (Personal details, details of the proof, Group name, GST No and referral Name.

Subscribers: You can add the details of the customer and a add the nominee for the person who joined in chit.Bank details to be updated (Name, Bank Name, Account No, IFSC code branch) these details will be mentioned in this area. Subscribers Type is used to differentiate the groups. You can Segregate the groups which come under low chit value, average and high.

Route Code: It is used to add the details in which area the machine belongs and name of the machine. Machine is used to add the names of the new joiner customers.

 Employee :

You can add the employee details, attendance and you can generate the salary account. Here all calculations and formats are coming under the salary generator. Increment also can be added in employee salary.

 Chit Entry :

While starting a new group chit value, chit type, duration, Prize amount and due amount all to be entered in Chit value. In chit group you can enter the details of chit like group name, chit type, date and time while chit takes place, the number of installments, No.of group members, First auction date all should be specified clearly.

In enrollment after the persons joining in group you Should add enrollment with tickets number. Some they will join in half ticket, some in full ticket and some may be more than one. This has to be clearly mentioned in the order.

Surrender is if a person joins in a group they will pay money for some months. Due to some situation reason they can't able to pay in future . in that situation they shall convey to company and they can relieve from company, according to the company chit norms.

 Transaction :

By clicking Due update option You can view balance amount of particular persons or by group. By entering for pre-auction, the details who are all asking for chit (Bidding amount, group name, number, Source of Conveying all can be feed.

In Auction, person who has taken chit value will be calculated by below calculations Bidding amount, Dividend amount and the company commission any other document fees all to be mentioned and value will come at last after all the above calculations.

Guarantor details can be added by their name, age, photos and proof according to company rules. This can be done in bulk also.

Receipt transactions can be added by which source (by cash, cheque ) Collected in the office or while they went for collection. It can be done in bulk action also.

Payment also to be noted by the way of group name, customer name, payment amount and mode of payment. Fund Transfer and Adjustments also can be made in this transaction.

 Other transaction :

It leads you to handle the other receipts, Payment, credit Note, Debit note which will not come under above options.

 Opening Transaction :

You can get the previous year balance which has brought forward for every customer

 Reports :

In report you can run the program and you can generate report from what all you have seen first.

 Pay collect Move :

Paycollect move oprtion is when the installment due updated if we connect the machine and give the option like to send data means the due amount will be moved from computer to machine. After the collection if we connect the machine and click the option receive data means the updation made in the machine will move from machine to a computer.

 Accounts :

The full accounting activities will be available in this option like Trial Balance, Profit and loss account and Balance Sheet.

 Agent :

You can create the entries with Agent name and customer Name. How many customers they captured, commission details all can be mentioned. And can also fix certain percentage of interest to category wise eg. Agent, staff, customers etc.

You can also generate the report by Agent name wise report, Total Agent, how much they earned for a month and the balance amount to be paid.


     There are different types of reports are available from our software. The      following reports are,

  Ledger report:
  Ledger report can help to check subscriber balance and subscriber statement.

  Enrollment report:
        In enrollment report we can take the following reports,

          Groupwise report

          Route wise report

          Surrender report

          Agent wise report

  Auction Report:
  The following types of reports are available from our software.

          Groupwise report

          Profit report

  Payment report:
  This report can maintain the payment details.

  Collection Report:
  In this report, we can check the collection amount details and we can also get 5       types of report. The following reports are,

           Machine collection

           Office Collection

           Paymode Collection

           Machinewise Collection

  Due Report:
  Due report can help to maintain due update details. We can take different types       of due reports. The following types of reports are,

           Due wise report

           Due pending report

           Due Month report

           Due wise pending

           Due List

  Attendance report:
  We can get employee attendance details

  Salary Report:
  This report can help to check the details about employee and their salaries.

  Chit member report:
  We can take overall subscribers, group and chit amount details

  Chit group report:
  In this report, we can get a particular group total members and installment       details

  Day book:
  In this day book option, We can get one day total receipts, payment, due update       and enrollment details.

  Trial Balance:
  A trial balance is a list of all the general ledger accounts
      (both revenue and capital) contained in the ledger of a business.

  Balance sheet:
  A balance sheet is a financial statement that reports a company's assets,       liabilities and shareholders' equity at a specific point in time, and provides a       basis for computing rates of return and evaluating its capital structure

  Profit and Loss:
  A profit and loss statement is a record of revenue and expenses incurred by a       business in a given period of time.